The Ford Atlas concept, just revealed at the Detroit Audio Show, shows what urban cowboys of tomorrow will be driving.  Some of the aggressive styling and technology from the Atlas will make its way into a future generation F-150.  This concept vehicle is packed with both the latest technology and numerous new practical/productivity features.  The Atlas is powered by a next gen EcoBoost powertrain with Auto Start-Stop technology which shuts off the engine when stopped in traffic to save fuel.  It also features innovative active aerodynamic elements that reduce wind resistance.  These include active shutters behind the grille, which open and close depending on driving speed; active wheel shutters, which close automatically at highway speeds; a drop-down front air dam; and auto-deploying running boards.  On the practical side, the cargo box walls offer multiple tie-down points as well as 110-volt electrical outlets for charging power tools.  An integrated roof carrying system and hidden extendable ramps give the truck unique functionality for a variety of jobs.  Other features include a 360-degree point of view camera, which gives a bird’s eye view of the truck, and dynamic hitch assist, which makes it easy to line-up the truck with a trailer.



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