Lotus C-01 Sports Bike (Custom)


Do you dream of going fast, retardedly fast?  Legendary sports car maker Lotus has decided to wet its feet in the motorcycle arena by developing a superbike to compete with the likes of the incredibly fast Suzuki Hayabusa. While the bike isn’t actually built by Lotus, its design takes many styling cues, along with a gorgeous paint scheme, from the company’s sports cars.  Power will be provided by a liquid-cooled V-twin engine sourced from KTM and tuned to produce 200 horsepower.  The powertrain and most other components will be housed in a sleek carbon fiber monocoque shell, which will significantly improve the rigidity of the motorcycle.  Owners riding around in tight black leather suits will likely be mistaken from ‘that guy’ from Tron.  $TBA.  www.lotus-motorcycles.com



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