This baby would make even Tony Stark feel a little tight in his armour. No we don’t get flying cars yet, but this latest prototype from Terrafugia is getting us excitingly closer than ever (and by us, I mean them because these will cost an outrageous amount). The TR-X will be capable of automatic, vertical lift-off and landing. With a 300 horsepower engine, the TR-X will be able to travel 320kph with a range of 800 kilometers. For all of you that are afraid of falling from the sky, that’s probably a valid fear but this machine has some high-tech computer equipment that can do pretty much all of the work for you. The on-board computer will be constantly calculating your ability to make it to your landing zone based on fuel and weather conditions; and it will advise you to readjust to backup land zones accordingly. Oh, it is also street legal to operate on any roads or highways. Just for billionaires at first.



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