If you watched the terrible sixth season of Weeds or live in the city it’s named for, you are probably familiar with the Copenhagen Wheel. For those who don’t live in Denmark and have only seen Mary Louise-Parker’s sex scenes, the Copenhagen Wheel is a motorized wheel that will give you the much needed boost on those steep hills. No need to get a new bike; just replace the back wheel and you are ready to go. There is a built-in motor and battery which charges itself as you ride, but kicks in when you need a little extra power. There is of course an app that allows you to adjust your setting and share info with your fellow riders. We know with all the ice on the roads, no one is going to get much use out of this product for a few months; but right now you can get $100 dollars off by entering the code “WHEELANDDEAL”. Pre-order yours for $799.



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