Blu-Toque Bluetooth Beanie Hats web



This may be the greatest thing that’s ever happened to a hat!  Launching a new  wearable technology category, the Blu-Toque is a beanie re-imagined for the modern times, allowing you to talk on your smartphone and listen to music without the need for any wires or earphones.  It contains a built-in Bluetooth headset/speakers, microphone and controls, and works with most iOS, Android and other smart phones and tablets.  Its lithium-ion battery powers it for 6 hours and has a standby of 60 hours.  The buttons on the outside allow you to answer calls and music playback.  The Blu-Toque  beanie is perfect when you’re walking your dog, taking the public transit, in your car and even when sitting through a really boring college lecture.  And when you want to wash it, simply remove the Bluetooth module and pop it in the laundry machine.  $50.



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