Gekks Shoe Liners

The spring is here and it’ll soon be time to bust our your summer kicks, as soon as the never ending rain stops.  If you want to sport the sockless look this summer and not have to deal with smelly shoes, check out the Gekks Shoe Liners.  These thin, breathable liners are designed to stay put inside any loafer-style shoes and remain firmly in place until you’re ready to take them out for a wash.  Their design allows them to firmly but temporarily adhere to the inside of your shoes using a combination of garment design, knitting techniques, and a thin adhesive gel on the outside of the liner.  The Gekks let you roll with your casual style of slipping in and out of your shoes barefoot, and add comfort and anti-stench properties while wearing the shoes.  Sounds like an amazingly comfortable lifestyle to us!  $25/each or $48/2-pack.



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