Ridgid Heated Jackets

What can make a tough job even tougher?  When you’re working in the freezing cold.  But thanks to smart tech like heated jackets, outdoor tasks can now be performed in better comfort than ever before.  The new Ridgid heated jackets are powered by the company’s 18V lithium-ion batteries and offer up to 18 hours of runtime (with a 4Ah Hyper Li-ion battery pack).  Each jacket offers 3 core heating zones, heated pockets and 3 adjustable heat settings per zone.  The multi-layered fabric itself offers great warmth, plus it’s water resistant.  So work as hard as you need to – but you no longer have to be cold!  $149 (black jacket, models R8702B, R8703B, R8703B); $169 (camo jacket, models R8712B, R8713B, R8714B); and $199 (black jacket kit with 18V battery and charger, models R8702K, R8703K, R8704K).  www.ridgid.com



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