This is more for the ladies, but anything that encourages her to get close is good for us guys too. For those who like the slight stubble style or are just too lazy to shave every single day, Soft Goat will keep your face from feeling like a cactus. When we shave, the razor cuts the hairs into points which cause the scratchiness when the hairs grow back out. Soft Goat hypoallergenic pad is sort of like a very fine sand paper (think Mr. Clean Magic Eraser). When rubbing gently in a circular motion, the pad gently rounds the ends of your scruff. Each pad lasts about two months and three pads come in a pack. We know your next question and yes this will work on your genitals. They call it “Soften Her” and just as facial hair gets scratchy and uncomfortable, when guys and girls alike shave their nether regions for their partners, that smooth feeling lasts only about a day. Then it’s like mashing two porcupines together. $12.



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