How often do you run into a situation where a custom-shaped piece of plastic could solve your problem – like making a “universal” tablet mount actually fit your car?  Or maybe you’ve dreamed of an action figure of yourself?  Now all of your 3D printing dreams can finally come true!  The days of expensive 3D printers that only engineers know how to use are coming to an end.  The Buccaneer 3D printer is the world most affordable home 3D printer that everyone can use.  It comes fully assembled and calibrated and will let you start printing your first 3D objects in minutes of cracking the box open.  And forget about learning how to use complicated 3D design software, this printer offers its own Smart Objects software which will let you choose from thousands of designs created by others from an online repository, and customize them to your liking.  Those who have 3D design software or coding skill can also easily design their own objects using the company’s Smart Object API.  Let your imagination run wild $347.



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