Every guy has no doubt suffered the pains in their back and arms from a lengthy session of shoveling snow or digging a hole to bury a body… or work. It’s because standard shovels are garbage. Most of the force comes from your back arm, straining your shoulder; and then lifting puts most of the weight on your back. It’s a great way to become a brittle old man who can’t play beach volleyball, run down the Burj Khalifa (or anything else Tom Cruise does in his movies. The guy is over fifty!) The Ergonomic Shovel is another great Kickstarter project which features a handle in the middle of the shaft that can rotate 360 degrees. This allows the user to keep their wrist straight and keeps them from bending as far down. There is also a “U” shaped foot hold giving your foot a solid grip when you really need to dig in. Bosse Tools offers three different shovel types: spade, flathead and snow shovel. Winter is coming after all. Pledge $65+ for your choice of shovel or $175+ for all three. kickstarter.com



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