Guys that are handy are generally proud of the tools they own, and a good quality screwdriver set should be the foundation of any tool set.  Whether you’re on the verge of buying your first screwdriver set or another set for your garage, we’ll tell you what to look for so that this set can last you for many years to come.  What makes a good screwdriver?  The most important aspects of a screwdriver are the handle design, also referred to as the grip, and the tip.  Screwdriver handles come in both soft and hard versions, and all sorts of shapes and sizes.  Screwdriver tips vary just as much, offering different levels of durability, strength and ability to grip screw heads.  Not all screwdrivers are made equally.  Read this guide and we’ll help you find the best screwdrivers for your budget.  Although most of the sets below include only Slotted and Philips screwdrivers, our Canadian readers will be glad to know that we’ve also included a set with Robertson screwdrivers as well.  We encourage you to add comments below!

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Snap-on Tools Instinct Soft Handle 8-piece Set (SGDX80BR), $150

Snap-on Tools is a brand of choice of many mechanics and car enthusiasts.  The Instinct handle provides great comfort and maximum turning power.  The Philips screwdrivers have a hexagon bolster which prevents the blade from being forced into the handle and provides wrench assisted turning power.  The replaceable blades are cold forged from special alloy steel and heat treated for optimum strength and durability.  The precisely cut tips are vapor-blasted to offer the best possible grip, which also helps to prevent the chrome plating from peeling.  The flat head screwdrivers in this set feature a wide tri-lobe design in the center of the handle and a special alloy steel blade to ensure turning power when needed.  All of the screwdrivers in this set have a nickel/chrome plating that resists corrosion and makes them easy to clean up.  Contains 4 Slotted screwdrivers, 2 Philips as well as 1 Slotted hard-handle stubby and 1 Philips hard-handle stubby.  Snap-on also offers this set in a Hard Handle version for the same price.

Mac Tools 8-PC. Comfort-Grip Bolster Combo Screwdriver Set (SDRB242APT), $139

Mac Tools is another tool brand that’s very popular with mechanics and car guys.  The screwdrivers in this set feature a textured thumb-rest which positions your hand for optimal torque.  The textured surface of the handle provides additional control, while the 4-sided design further increases torque.  The bolster is designed in such a way that it accepts wrenches for added turning power, and prevents the blade from being forced into the handle.  The vapor-blasted tips provide extra protection against corrosion, while the solid core acetate plastic handle is resistant to acids and fluids, which makes it easy to clean up.  The set includes 5 Philips and 3 Slotted screwdrivers; one of the Philips is a stubby.

Felo Serie 500 6-PC Screwdriver Set (53521), $40

These German made Felo screwdrivers present a great, lower cost alternative to the two sets above.  Each screwdriver in this set features a full length, impact proof handle core to withstand strikes from a hammer and a soft grip handle for achieving highest torque.  A hole near the top of the handle can be used for inserting a lever for additional torque or for hanging the screwdriver in your shop.  The anti-roll handle design will prevent the screwdrivers from rolling off tilted surfaces.  The blades are manufactured from chrome-molybdenum-vanadium steel and offer a black, precision-fit tip.  The set contains 4 Slotted and 2 Philips screwdrivers.

Mastercraft Maximum 15-Piece Screwdriver Set (57-3646-2), $50

Mastercraft is a “staple” Canadian hand and power tool brand available exclusively at Canadian Tire stores.  This is the only set in this guide that contains Robertson screwdrivers, commonly used in Canada.  Each of the screwdrivers in this set has a soft textured grip, offering great comfort and control.  The tops of the handles are color-coded and labeled for easy identification.  The hex shaped blades are designed to accept a wrench when increased torque is required, while the hex shaped handle will prevent the screwdrivers from rolling off surfaces.  A hole in the handle serves a dual purpose – you can insert a lever to get additional torque or hang the screwdriver on a peg board.  Like virtually all Mastercraft tools, this set goes on a huge sale (up to 65% off) every couple of months or so.  This Maximum set consists of 4 Slotted, 4 Robertson and 6 Philips screwdrivers.

Craftsman Professional 6-PC Screwdriver Set (49020), $30

Craftsman is a great value brand available widely in North America at Sears stores.  This Professional series screwdriver set features alloy steel blades for strength and performance, with a nickel-chrome plating for corrosion resistance, and grit-blasted tips for a better fastener grip.  The tip of each handle is labeled for quick identification when inside a pouch or tool box.   The ergonomic dual material handle offers contoured thumb stops for high torque and comfort.  This set includes 3 Slotted and 3 Philips screwdrivers.  Although this set contains the most common screwdriver sizes, you should probably complement it with one of the other Craftsman Professional series sets since this is one of the smallest sets in this guide.



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