Unless you work in a home office, you’re probably never there to answer the door when UPS delivers that cool new gadget you read about on Guydster and ordered online.  The DoorBot connects to your home wifi and allows you to see and talk to visitors through your smartphone.  It offers two way communication so that the visitor can also hear your voice.  This way you could ask the delivery company to leave the package on the back porch or with your neighbour.  Whether you’re in your basement or away from your home, the DoorBot will let you answer the door from anywhere in the world.  When combined with the Lockitron door lock, the system will also allow you to open and lock the door. An internal battery offers one year of operation before it needs a recharge, but the DoorBot can also be powered by your existing door bell wiring.  $199. www.getdoorbot.com



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