Don’t let anyone ever tell you that your too old to play with Lego, especially when it comes from a galaxy far, far away.  The Sandcrawler is one of the many iconic vehicles from the original Star Wars trilogy that continue to inspire the imagination of both young and older generations.  Consisting of nearly 3,300 Lego blocks, this is far from a children’s toy and should take you many hours to build.  And then you can reenact your favorite scenes from The New Hope, or make up your own.  The Sandcrawler offers two working cranes for picking up droids and other things, a lowering front ramp, opening side flaps and a removable top which reveals the engine bay and cockpit.  And of course there are several great minifigures for you to play with, including Luke, Uncle Owen, some droids and four Jawas.  Coming this May.  $300.  www.lego.com



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