Ever wonder why movies at home don’t engage you the same way as films do at the movie theater?  It’s those lousy little TV speakers.  The Paradigm SHIFT Soundtrack System is not just designed to raise your TV watching experience to a new height, it’s also meant to serve as a music system.  The system consists of a 6-driver soundbar and a compact, wireless subwoofer, offering a very easy to set up, clutter-free solution.  Unlike other soundbars on the market, this one delivers an extraordinarily wide soundstage with superb stereo separation, while the subwoofer produces a deep, articulate bass.  The soundbar offers digital and analog stereo inputs so you can connect Blu-ray/DVD/CD players, gaming consoles, satellite receivers and other music sources.  Comes with a remote.  $799.  www.paradigm.com/shift



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